Cold Sakuramai Mt. Fuji Hoei Glass Pink [Change with Temperature Edo Glass Japan Beer Glass][ Direct from Japan ]

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?Cold Cherry Blossom・Edo Glass Mt. Fuji Hoei Glass? 
This is a collaboration product of cold cherry blossoms that incorporate temperature into the design and Mt. Fuji Hoei Glass that pays attention to fine details.
A symbol of Japan handmade one by one by glass craftsmen Beer glasses of Mt. Fuji. When you pour beer, the snow-capped Mt. Fuji appears.
It is a gem decorated with the hollow of the crater and the carving of Fuji Sakura. If you pour another cold drink, the white cherry will turn pink.
When the glass drops below 17°C, the color changes and returns to normal temperature.
Enjoy a delicious beer while looking at your own Mt. Fuji and cherry blossomsThere are two colors: clear and pink.
This one has a cute finish with a faint pink.
* Please use it as a gift for your loved ones, such as souvenirs and souvenirs for overseas, which are not a set. Comes in a wooden box (1 piece)

Size: Φ90×H77mm Capacity: 280cc
■Made in Japan made in Japan made in Japan
■Material and Ingredients: Glass
■ Package: Wooden box
■Year of issue:2022

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¥11,294 ($72.28)tax included