Cold Sakuramai Mt. Fuji Rock Glass [Edo Glass Japan Shochu Glass Changes with Temperature][ Direct from Japan ]

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?Cold Cherry Blossoms・Edo Glass Mt. Fuji? A collaboration between cherry blossoms that incorporate temperature into the design and Mt. Fuji where traditional techniques shine When a cold drink below 17 degrees Celsius is poured, the cherry blossoms appear colored. In addition, the rock glasses carefully produced by skilled craftsmen one by one, from blowing to finishing, reflect the color of the poured drink on the mountain surface, and you can enjoy Mt. Fuji with various expressions. Please spend a relaxing time while imagining the scenery of Mt. Fuji dancing cherry blossoms. Spring-perfect hospitality. You will surely be delighted. Mt. Fuji was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2013. A masterpiece that expresses the beauty of world-class Japan, it is perfect for gifts regardless of the season. Changes occur when the glass drops below 17 ° C. When it reaches room temperature, it returns to its original state and can be enjoyed repeatedly. Comes in a wooden box (1 piece)

Material: Glass Size: Φ92×H95 Capacity: 270ml
■Made in Japan made in Japan made in Japan
■Material and Ingredients: Glass
■ Package: Wooden box

Please wash before handling the product and before use. ・Please refrain from using the dishwasher. ・Clean with a soft material such as a neutral kitchen detergent and a sponge. ・Do not clean with hard materials such as metal scrubs or abrasives. ・If you rub strongly, the transfer may peel off. ・Do not use in microwaves or ovens. ・The dye in the design is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so do not expose it to sunlight for a long time. ・Do not immerse in cold or lukewarm water for a long time. ・ Once the part of the design is cooled, the color will develop more clearly during subsequent use. ・There may be individual differences in coloring. ・Due to manual work, the position and shape of the transfer may be different. ・Depending on the temperature, the color may already develop when you take it out of the box. ・ Since the glass is prosthetized (handmade), there will be some differences such as size.

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¥12,679 ($81.15)tax included