Kagayaki Pure Copper Beer Tumbler (Ginkobi) 2pc Set 440ml (KG-06)[ Direct from Japan ]

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"Design with special texture"
Copper tumbler with excellent heat conduction.
When you pour a drink, the coldness is quickly transmitted and retains the coldness.
It is a tumbler that makes beer cold and delicious.

The design with a special texture is pleasant to the touch and creates a special time. It comes in a paulownia box and is a gem recommended for special gifts.

In addition to the metal processing technology that has continued for 400 years since the Edo period, we have incorporated a new processing "Ginkobi" that dares to make the silver plating old and produce a blue color. The elegant design that shines blue does not have the same brilliance twice, giving you a unique and special feeling.
The contrast between silver and blue is a graceful design.
"Tin ion effect"
The inside of the copper vessel is tin-plated.
Tin has a high ionic effect, and it is said that it removes the unpleasant taste of alcohol and makes it delicious and mellow. Since tin has a bactericidal effect, it has been used in sake cups since ancient times.

【Product Specifications】
〇 Set contents/Tumbler × 2
Size/Approx. diameter 77×137mm
Weight: 188g
Volume: 440ml
Material: Pure copper (outer silver plating old beauty finish, inner silver plating)
made in Japan

*For cold drinks only
* Please note that due to natural coloring, the color will not be exactly the same as the product image (the degree of shade etc. may vary).

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¥25,478 ($163.06)tax included