【Revolution Japan bedding】Washable urethane pillow 9cm thick with cover made of Japan "Araeluno"[ Direct from Japan ]

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The weakness of urethane that it is too vulnerable to water to be washed has been overcome by developing a special structure.
"Urethane pillow that can be washed at home" was born.

◇ Features
・Hardness: Upper layer 160N, lower layer 130N, thickness approx. 9cm, made of Japan
(N = Newton. This unit expresses the hardness of urethane. The higher the number, the harder it becomes. The number of newtons of mattresses sold in general is around 100 N. )
・Two unique structures, a defilming process and a microcell structure, make it possible to wash the machine at home.
・ Of course, it is also comfortable to sleep ◎ A two-layer structure is adopted to support the neck and head in a well-balanced manner. Urethane with different hardness and density is combined with a special cutting shape to reduce the burden on the head and neck.
・Kurashiki spinning cleanse? A special cover with antibacterial and antiviral functions is attached. This cover can also be machine washed.
・ This pillow is carefully produced one by one at a factory in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The craftsman's attention to detail is packed into detailed work that cannot be reproduced by machine.

◇ About color
 Available in three colors: white, navy and brown.

■Size and capacity
 Pillow body: Approx. W39XD63XH9cm
 Inner cover: Approx. W39cm ×D63cm
 Outer cover: Approx. W43cm×D65cm
■Place of origin:Japan
■ Material / Ingredients: Pillow body: 100% polyurethane (urethane foam)
 Inner cover: 100% polyester
 Outer cover: 100% polyester (antibacterial and antiviral)
■Package: Individual packaging
 White: 4582220742466
 Navy: 4582220742473
 Brown: 4582220742480

◇ The "Araeluno" series also has washable urethane mattresses.
・ S (single) size: Approx. W97XD195XH8cm
・ SD (semi-double) size: Approx. W120XD195XH8cm
・D (double) size: Approx. W140XD195XH8cm


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¥15,328 ($98.10)tax included