"HARIO" 600ml V60 Range Server 600 Clear XGSR-60-TB[ Direct from Japan ]

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It is a server made of all heat-resistant glass. Made of heat-resistant glass with pot and lid. The lid is designed with silicone packing. Microwave oven with lid on.

【The appeal of heat-resistant glass】
● Transparent
● Resistant to odors and dirt
Once melted, it hardens into glass, so the surface is smooth. There are no gaps for dirt and odors to enter, and air and even liquids do not pass through. ● Impermeable to air, gases and liquids
● Hygienic
- Can produce from cheap to luxury
● 100% natural substances
The raw materials are 100% refined natural minerals, so the resulting glass is also 100% natural.
Size and Capacity
Width 145mm, back 121mm, height 120mm, diameter 77mm, practical capacity 600ml
■Place of origin:Japan
■Materials and ingredients: Glass ball/heat-resistant glass "HARIO Glass?"
Lid packing/silicone rubber
■ Package: Individual box
■Year of manufacture:2023

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¥5,170 ($33.09)tax included